Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government Qiu Dongyao consolation 12348 hotline duty lawyer

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On February 22, Qiu Dongyao, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, came to the service hotline of the municipal affairs hotline.He expressed his condolences to the duty lawyer of the 12348 Public Legal Service Hotline.

In recent years, the Ningbo city has built an integrated platform for public legal services that fully “combines online and offline and synchronizes online and offline”,to help the people to seek help. At present, 12 legal aid lawyers in our city are responsible for answering the "12348" public legal service hotline every day. In 2017, the city's 12348 hotline received a total of nearly 40,000 people's legal consultations, and the telephone connection rate remained above 80%.

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